Men’s Best Friends from Latin America

Beautiful Dog Posing to the CameraSome of the most popular dog breeds in the world come from Latin America. Who didn’t hear for Chihuahua and Dogo Argentino? But, there are also plenty of them who are very popular in countries of Latin America, but still unknown on the other continents. In case you want to find dogs in Medellin, Colombia just type “venta de perros medellin” so you can get all the info you need in Spanish.

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino is a dog breed known for its frightful and intimidating appearance. In order to make a good hunting dog and the loyal pet at the same time, this breed was developed from the Cordoba Fighting Dog, which is an extinct dog breed known for its bravery and ability to withstand severe pain. The breeder kept developing Dogo by crossing it with a variety of other breeds such as German Sheperd, Mastiff, Boxer and other breeds. Thanks to this, Dogo Argentino became a large, strong and well-muscled breed as well as a good guard dog. One of the most interesting things about the Dogo Argentino is that it has to be all white, but still it can have a small black spot on the head.


This is the smallest breed in the world, discovered in the 19th century in Mexican state of the Chihuahua. Even though, they origin is not fully understood. There are a lot of theories like the one that Chihuahua comes from Central and South America, developed from local dogs called Thechichi. But there are plenty of other theories like the one that this dog breed came from China. No matter its origin, Chihuahua is a loyal dog, known for its endless barking and eccentric personality.

Peruvian Hairless Dog

This breed is certainly one of the weirdest breeds in the world. Except for the small parts of the head and the paws covered with some hair, those dogs are completely hairless. Also known as a Peruvian Inca Orchid, this breed probably comes from the pre-Inca history. Whether they come in small, medium or large size, all of them look pretty elegant.

Chilean Fox Terrier

Ratonero is the second name of this medium-sized breed, which means that it’s known as a good rat hunter. Both energetic and affectionate, this dog is predominantly white with black or brown markings on the head. The small v-shaped ears are the same as the Smooth Haired Fox Terrier because Chilean Fox Terrier is actually a breed developed by crossing native Chilean dogs with the terriers brought from the Europe by the European settlers.

Uruguayan Cimarron

Uruguayan Cimmaron is a dog breed known for centuries, but it was not recognised by the FCI until a few years ago. During the process of natural selection, only the strongest and the most intelligent Cimarron dogs survived. That’s why Uruguayan Cimmaron is known as a strong, well-muscled and intelligent dog.

Venezuelan SheepDog

Macuchi or Venezuelan Sheepdog is the Venezuelan ”National Dog”. Macuchi won this title in 1964, even if it had been used as a very loyal and good livestock guard dog for the centuries before. The origin of this breed is not clear, but it is possible that it is developed from the dogs brought by Spaniards such as Spanish Mastiff.
And the last but not least, Mexican Hairless Dog is one of the oldest and rarest dog breeds in the world. It comes from Mexico and it is believed that existed in the period before Aztec civilization. Those intelligent, playful and sensitive dogs are not known as the best-looking breed, but they had a very important role through the history of Mexico. Actually, people strongly believed that this breed can heal some diseases such as rheumatism or problems with sleeping.

Another interesting dog is the Great Dane so in case you want to acquire one just type “venta de gran danes“.